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Influencers are a direct channel to reach consumers in an authentic and meaningful way. We pride ourselves on having a thorough understanding of the South African influencer market and aim to ensure that every campaign is beneficial and rewarding for the client and influencer.

Influencer campaigns are a unique platform for brands, as you are amplified through the voice and personality of a person who already has a trusted audience. They add a level of recommendation and tried-and-tested credibility to marketing strategies. When campaigns are managed correctly, the content is authentic and natural.

Our influencer discovery and campaign management is professional and quantifiable. Our campaigns are run on a world-leading platform that uses AI to strategically identify influencers that meet the brand and campaign objectives, while also providing the client with an in-depth report of the campaign.

We also have the experience to scale and offer clients the opportunity to engage with anything from 2 to 102 influencers, from micro-level influencers, to those commanding over a million followers.

With our experience, we can intelligently predict engagement and impressions, helping you to accurately reach the exact target audience you need. Report backs are detailed, with a true analysis on conversions and the ROI of your campaign.

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